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How to Order

1. Select your favorite Obi out of 5-category Obis →  “Obi”
2. Write your desired length of Obi.
3. Select Tassel Color (Gold,Silver) →  “Table Runner”
4. Confirm the order
5. Order →  “Order Form”
6. Make a payment by Paypal or Bank transfer
7. In approximate 2 weeks after we confirm your payment, you will receive the item.
*Delivery date may change depending on the place.

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Table Runner

Obi Couture Table Runner
Brilliant and Colorful vintage Obi Couture Runner makes your dining room or living room gorgeous with very outstanding taste, which your guests have never seen anywhere else. This Only-For-You Obi Couture Runner is not just the decoration, but you may talk about the story about how you meet this obi or the history of the Obi.


Size : W=30cm(11.8inch) Length=50cm(19.7inch)〜400cm(157.519.7inch)
Material : Vintage Obi (Silk, Gold/Silver/Platinum thread etc.)
Back Material : Silk


Tassel Gold

Tassel Silver

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