Obi Couture

【Obi Couture】
“Obi Couture” is a very unique and original idea made by Yorozu International that they create modern bags, table runners, and dresses using authentic Japanese vintage Obi (Kimono’s belt). Nowadays, kimonos and obis are not worn by Japanese daily anymore as they are too hard to wear and too expensive to wear everyday. Those beautiful vintage kimonos and obis are just kept in the closet at the most of the houses. Yorozu’s this innovative idea is remaking obis into daily-use items so that they can bring or wear these beautiful traditional obis with its traditional power everyday. You may make a bag first, then dress or other items. It is all up to your idea.
Yorozu International


【YOROZU-Select Obi】
All YOROZU-Select Japanese vintage Obis (1930’s to present) are ONLY-ONE Obi. It means that your selected Obi exists only for you, not for anyone else in the world. Please select your Only-For-You Obi and enjoy the Obi forever in your life.

Everlasting Beauty unlike any other in the world
These Design Patterns and brightness all hand-made by distinguished weaving or embroidery is a Japanese beauty unlike any other place you see in the world. This beauty could be only made by with the brightness of silk, gold thread, silver thread or platinum thread. This sparkling color changes from different directions.