YOROZU International creates Only-For-You “Obi Couture” by using Japanese vintage Obi.  Obi Couture items varies from bags, table runners, and dresses.

In Japan, there was thinking “Ya-o-yorozu* no Kami* (Countless Kami)” at the old times. It means that Kami exists in All Nature. Mountain has the Kami of the mountain. Sea has the Kami of the sea. YOROZU Brand was made expressing the respect to Kimono and Obi, which were produced by Kami for All Nature. We believe that these eternal brightness made by Kimono and Obi is not just by the techniques or skills but also by all Kami’ s Nature Power. YOROZU’s respects and appreciations are for the connection of Nature and People, and the Yorozu power existing in craftsman or “Monozukuri (making goods).

*Kami is the Japanese word for the divinity; the supreme being. It is also for the spirits, natural forces, and essence in the Shinto faith.
*(“八百万” literally means eight million, but idiomatically it expresses “unaccountably many” and “all around” like many East Asian cultures, the Japanese often use the number 8, representing the cardinal and ordinal directions, to symbolize ubiquity.)


YOROZU International,Ltd
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Date of Registration : February 27, 2008
Capital : Yen 3,000,000.